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        Tianmen Shuangliang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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        Shuangliang second generation micro crusher

        Shuangliang second generation micro crusher

        This machine is a new type of high-efficiency energy-saving crushing equipment.

        The machine is widely used in feed plants, flour mills, and food factories.
        This machine can process materials with Φ0.4-Φ1.5mm aperture to ensure the fineness of the material. Output is 15% -40% higher than similar models.
        The optimized design of the gap between the hammer and the screen ensures that the material is completely crushed.
        The machine adopts lengthened hammers and arranged encryption, which improves the hammer blow rate and the crushing efficiency.
        The secondary crushing structure designed at the bottom of the crushing chamber makes the materials fully crushed.
        The air inlet structure designed by patent technology can destroy the circulation of materials in the machine, avoid blocking the screen and reduce the temperature of the material.
        The machine is equipped with alloy wear-resistant sieve and wear-resistant hammer, which greatly extend the service life of accessories.
        This product adopts imported bearings, and the rotor is verified by dynamic balance to ensure good balance stability.


        Parameter / model SFSP868A SFSP868B SFSP868C SFSP868D
        Speed (rpm) 2950 2950 2950 2950
        Power(kw) 45/55 75/90 110/132 37
        Number of hammer (piece) 80 112 140 64

        Yield [corn]Φ0.6-Φ1.5

        1-3.5 2-7 4-12 0.8-2.8
        Yield [chaff] Φ0.5-Φ1.0 0.4-1.5 0.8-2 1-3 0.3-0.9
        Suction 2800 3500 4500 2300
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